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Welcome to Year 5!


Year 5 is a very important year as we give the children opportunities to mature and develop into responsible learners. The children are challenged through an exciting range of creative and stimulating learning activities.


During the Autumn Term we will be looking at the Saxons and Vikings and their impact on Britain. We will visit West Stow Anglo Saxon village and study the cultural legacy left by these societies. We will look at life cycles of animals and plants, and build teamwork and communication skills with outdoor adventurous activities, as well as introducing a new language for the children to learn.


The Spring term will see our focus move towards water and how we use it in our lives, and how it is used around the world. We will study maps, look at geographical features of local, national and international places, and understand how we fit in to this ever changing global community.


The Summer term begins with our Residential Trip to Kingswood, and sees our focus move towards British history from 1066 up to the Victorians, including a visit to the Tudor Period, and a study of one of Great Britains most significant individuals of the 19th Century in Lord Nelson. We will study the Earth and Beyond in our science units, develop our coding skills in computing and continue to participate in our structured swimming programme, where all abilities of swimmer and non-swimmer are catered for as we deliver this essential part of the PE curriculum and personal development in a vital life skill.


We all look forward to another year of exciting and challenging learning and growing, full of opportunity and promise.

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